The link between porn and erectile dysfunction

People who watch too much free porn pics or porn material, need to be careful. Studies have shown that there is a link between porn and erectile dysfunction. This is not a problem that only old men need to worry about. On the contrary, since many younger men can have this happen to them as well. This is especially a problem for young men who rather watch porn pictures or pornography material as opposed to having real sex with people. Research shows that they typically have a harder time performing in real sexual encounters.

These erectile dysfunction problems primarily happen to men who are addicted to porn. For those men, enjoying regular sex becomes an issue for them. In the research, 312 men were surveyed. Their ages ranged from 20 to 40 years of age. The study was done by an Urology clinic in San Diego where men went for treatment.

In the research, only 3.4 of the men preferred masturbating to porn pictures or porn videos instead of sexual intercourse. However, the erectile rate causes in the brain were significantly higher for men who preferred the porn. This happens as the brain becomes part of a ‘reward system’ activated by sexual behavior. In the same way that drugs can become addictive, so can porn. The self-indulgence and gratification from watching porn becomes very high for some men. The end result is men finding more gratification and arousal from porn photos, porn videos and material, than with real sex.

Men who watch free porn pics and videos spend all day looking at hot and sexy porn pics of women all day. They watch these porn photos full of almost perfect girls. The women have huge tits, big butts and awesome bodies. There are also all types of fantasies in the sex pics showing women in all situations. The problem is what happens in real life sexual encounters to the men who watch all this porn. Once they are with a real life person, it is very difficult for a regular girl to deliver. Especially if the women are compared to the hot and sexy images the man viewed in the porn pics or material.

This can increase depending on the type of porn pics they view as well. For those that watch free porn pics or hardcore videos of wild porn, the tolerance level becomes higher. There are some very outrageous and wild pornography material available today. In many of these porn pictures, sex gifs and videos, the women do things that are almost impossible for other regular women. Case in point is that not all girls like doing anal. Yet there are millions of porn pictures found online showing women doing just that. In addition, they act as if they truly enjoy it. Once a man runs into a woman in real life, that may not be the case. The real person’s tolerance level to sex acts may be much lower than those viewed in porn pics.

Before long, viewing too much wild porn photos, can turn people into something that only that material can satisfy. This is typically a bigger problem for men who are younger in age. Their expectations are set too high when it comes to sexual encounters. In most situations, the fantasies they have while masturbating to free porn pics or videos, will never be the same as in real life. The end result is anxiety which leads to sapping the libido right out of them.

If that wasn’t bad enough, there is also the performance issue. They may feel as if they need to perform the same way those men in the porn pics do. That adds a great deal of pressure since the way most pornography videos are done. The men in those porn videos often use pills to get erections. There are also body doubles or penis doubles to take their place. Plus, the entire porn video may be shot over a course of hours, days and even weeks. Realistically, it can be impossible to do the sexual acts men and women perform in the pornographic content. While watching free porn pics can be a means to giving you release, it can also become a problem in the long run. Sure, you can view porn pictures to get off. But, when you become so dependent on them, that is when the erectile dysfunction may set in. It all happens in the brain and then moves down to your penis.

The key to everything is moderation and reality. If you do too much of anything, it can become an issue down the road. At the same time, you also have to remember that these situations are not real. That these are people who are acting in a porn video or porn pics.