Best Sex Apps for Couples

Are you having a hard time to intensify your sex life? Or you find it hard to spice up your bed moment with your partner? Are you looking for a new challenge or styles of foreplay during sex?

It is not a bad thing to bring your sex life to a higher level of giving satisfaction and intensifying your needs. Living up in this kind of world, where in new trends of applications or ways on how to spice up your sex life will help you a lot to experience the best sex with your partner in the bedroom, easily accessible apps you can download in any application hub.

For couples who want to improve their sexual skills and make the most of their sex experience, here are the best apps to try;

Dirty Games: Truth or Dare

This app is straightforward for you will choose first whether you want a truth or dare questions, then indicate your sex. Sample question for truth can be “What is your sexiest feature?’ up to “Who do you regret having sex with?” On the other hand, dares range from slightly naughty to a scandalous, lie for example “Act out a sex scene with a person on your right for at least two minutes.”

Cosmo Sex Position of the Day

This app is indicated as the ultimate app to jazz up a sex life. Having 120 sex positions complete with detailed erotic instructions and tasteful visuals, you will have everything you need to give the best shot in the bedroom.

Sexy Vibes

This app turns yours your phone into a vibrator/massager. According to some users, you’ll feel more vibration if you remove your phone cover and it feels better over clothes rather than on bare skin.

69 places

This app is an ultimate guide in finding new places to have sex. It has 99 places accessible for couples to have sex all over the world.


Happy couples have sex 1-2 per week. This is another app where in, it monitors your performance in bed. It works by tracking your movement and the sound you make as well as how long you lasted, providing an analysis how you did.

iKamasutra Lite

This app has an over 100 positions with 9 different categories and beautiful illustration. In addition, you can also track your progress here.

These are just a few applications that could be really helpful to keep a happy and satisfied relationship. Somehow, performance is really a great part of it. How you delivered or perform these apps in bed with your partner will surely hit the mark of satisfaction that your partner needs. Additionally, intensifying foreplays and styles during sex will greatly help you to have a healthy and exciting sex. Perhaps, it’s not fair to say that sex is the major reason why the relationship stays longer; the point is, it helps a lot to make the relationship works longer. Boring sex life will never be on hit if one of these apps must be tried on. Some of them can download free, some are with fees. You can grab them on Apple or Google play store.

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