Virtual Reality and Sex

The humankind had a strange obsession with technological innovation ever since its inception. One of the evidence is the emergence of virtual reality. This new technology significantly changes the landscape of every industry from gaming, military, healthcare, education, fashion and now, your sex life.

VR As The Game-Changer

BaDoinkVR, a well-known American porn company was one of the pioneers in virtual reality industry. At present, it is collaborating with Kiiro, a Dutch adult technology firm to craft different instructional sex videos which benefit everyone. This project will integrate “teledildonic” devices (otherwise known as vibrating sex toys) and virtual reality, which are synced along with the interactive experiences starring adult porn stars.

It has been known that Todd Glider, the CEO of BaDoinkVR, witness how start-ups enjoyed virtual reality and how the technology helps these people address as well as overcome their phobias. He happily expressed that their invention to address one of these fears known as erotophobia, more commonly known as fear of sex. Whether it’s the result of poor sex education in schools or the outcome of religious upbringing, there are still plenty of people out there who perceives sex negatively. Thus, the said collaboration tries to help an individual overcome fear about performance, overcome intimacy issues etc. by means of VR.

How Does This Technology Enhance Sex Lives?

VR serves as the outlet for sexual fantasies. Admit it or not, most of us have some form of fetishism and sexual fantasy which is more common than you’d ever imagine. But the thing here is that not everyone can find a partner who agrees with these things. Indeed, some of these obsession-based itches must be scratched no matter what.

With the help of VR experience, it offers an ideal outlet for the different type of user who desires to pamper in their fantasies, without cheating on their partner. This technology does not wish to affect relationship negatively. As a matter of fact, as much as the couples are contented and satisfied and aware of the situation, it could give the best possible way to achieve their desired sexual outlet.

The research team of Newcastle University supported this concept when they found out that the increasing popularity of VR technology resulted to a new industry of pornography. It discovered that there’s a significant improvement on the sex lives of couples as soon as they start exploring their sexual fantasies by means of a headset prior to trying it out in their real life.

With that, Doctor Madeline Balaam said that VR is more of a first person than a third person practice. In actuality, the sensory experience within the technology implies you think you’re playing a part in it, instead of watching it.

In an interview from the Daily Mirror newspaper, researcher Matthew Wood mentioned that VR alters the experience massively. They have figured out that for most individuals the potential of a virtual reality porn experience led to perfect sexual experience – something that the real world couldn’t live up to as it exposes highly explicit imagery.

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